Golang Solutions

Here is a list of solutions developed by Mediasoftpro specifically targeting the Golang Gin Framework.

Golang PlacoAppToolkit

Golang PlacoAppToolkit is a comprehensive collection of thousands of reusable modules and components designed for the latest front-end and backend frameworks, cloud services, APIs, and SDKs. This toolkit empowers developers to rapidly build complex enterprise-grade solutions that would typically require years of development time. By leveraging the pre-built components and integrations offered by PlacoAppToolkit, developers can accelerate their development process and deliver high-quality solutions more efficiently.

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Golang Ad Listings Solution

A comprehensive Go Gin Ad Listing solution for creating a fully-featured marketplace for classified advertisements, enabling users to buy, sell, rent and exchange new and used products and services.

Below is a list of customized Go Gin Ad Listing solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Go Gin PlacoRealEstate: Real-Estate Solution
  • Go Gin PlacoClassifiedAds: Classified Ad-Listing Solution
  • Go Gin PlacoPetListings: Pet Listing Solution
  • Go Gin PlacoCarListings: Listing Solution for buying and selling both new and used cars, trucks, boats, bikes, special cars, auto parts etc.

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Golang Directory Listing Solutions

Our complete, full-featured directory business solution offers a wide range of customizable options for building a next-generation business directory listing application, utilizing the latest Go Gin Framework.

Below is a list of customized Go Gin directory listing solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Go Gin PlacoDirectories: Business Directory Listing Solution
  • Go Gin PlacoRestaurants: Directory Listing Solution for Restaurants
  • Go Gin PlacoHealthCare: Directory Listing Solution for Healthcare
  • Go Gin PlacoSoftware: Directory Listing Solution for Softwares

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Golang Ecommerce Solutions

Our Full-Featured, Easily Customizable, Multi-Purpose Ecommerce Framework offers businesses of all sizes and industries a comprehensive solution for building and managing online stores with ease, scalability, and flexibility utilizing latest Go Gin platform.

Below is a list of customized Go Gin Ecommerce solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Go Gin PlacoEcommerce: Multi-Purpose E-commerce Solution
  • Go Gin PlacoEcommerce: E-commerce solution customized for furniture store
  • Go Gin PlacoEcommerce: E-commerce solution customized for electronic store
  • Go Gin PlacoEcommerce: E-commerce solution customized for fashion store

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Golang CMS Solutions

ChatGPT-Enhanced Content Management Solution (CMS): The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Tool for Managing Your Content utilizing latest Golang Platform.

Below is a list of customized CMS solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Golang PlacoNews: CMS Solution customized for News & Magazine
  • Golang PlacoEncyclopedia: CMS solution customized for Encyclopedia
  • Golang PlacoGaming: CMS solution customized for Gaming

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Golang Media Solutions

Our full-featured, multi-purpose, cloud-ready media solutions can facilitate the creation of next-generation media streaming, sharing, and hosting platforms, customized to meet any requirements, utilizing the latest Golang platform.

Below is a list of customized Golang Media solutions tailored to specific needs.

  • Golang PlacoMedia: Golang Media Solution for transcoding, publishing, sharing, hosting and streaming videos, movies, audio clips and images

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Golang Jobs Board Solution

This is a complete, full-featured solution built using latest Go Gin framework for managing job boards. With its comprehensive range of features and tools, it provides an efficient and seamless framework for managing job listings, resumes, and applications, catering to the unique needs of job portals and recruitment agencies.

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Golang DMS (Documentation Management System) Solution

Golang PlacoDMS is a versatile and comprehensive documentation management solution built on the Golang framework. It offers a full range of features to efficiently organize, store, and manage various types of documents. PlacoDMS streamlines document workflows, promotes collaboration, and ensures document security. With its user-friendly interface and robust functionality, PlacoDMS is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their documentation management processes.

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